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Financial App Progress March 13, 2022 I’ve been tinkering now an then on a financial application. It started as a way to learn a new programming language and play with some architectural concepts for software applications, but now every time I think, “I should really start keeping better track of my finances,” I proceed immediately to, “I should work on that financial app I started…” There are certainly plenty of apps out there that will help you track your finances, whether it’s a desktop, web, or mobile app. I have not tried them all, but I have issues with many of them. Mainly, I think it would be really cool if there was some modern, open-source financial app that gave people basic financial tracking and reporting. I hit a fairly cool milestone yesterday. The application now supports creating, editing, and deleting of both transactions and accounts, making it actually usable. (Never mind that “save” isn’t supported yet.) While it may not look like a lot, there’s a lot happening under the hood: a database that supports flexible queries, exchange rate support, undo/redo support, and an application framework that ties it all together. One of these days I’ll have a fully-functional application, and at some point in time after that, I may actually get my finances in order.

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